Village Quest Redesign

Village Quest Cooldown Redesign

Credit: Windyplains

Natively when you complete quest A in village A then quest A will not be available in village B until its cooldown expires even if the normal prerequisites for the quest are met. In Silverstag this has been redesigned such that cooldowns are unique for each quest to each village. Completing quest A in village A will not prevent it from being available in village B. This means there should be a much higher availability of village quests early in the game. Some balancing points to this are that if you fail quest A in village A then they will not offer it to you again. You cannot take the same quest from two different villages at the same time though (per native design).

Villages on map

Village Elder Quest Menus

Credit: Windyplains

When asking a village elder about available tasks you can help with you'll now be given a list of available quests to choose from instead of being given only one randomly picked option. Since each quest has a number of prerequisites it is unlikely that any one village will have every quest available at once. Selecting any individual quest will begin a description about the quest from the elder, but does not immediately begin the quest unless you agree to accept it.

VE quest menu

Quest Menu v0.14

Village Quests

Quest Name Quest Type
A Craftsman's Knowledge Village Elder
Sending Aid Village Elder