Version 0.25

Released: 11-27-2014

Bug Fixes:

  • The AI lords will now use the new Nord troops instead of the old ones.  This will take immediate effect in new save games, but take time for AI parties to transition over in continued save games.  (Ticket #1592)
  • The correct version of WSE is now displayed when starting up the game.
  • Emblems can no longer be wasted trying to raise an Aritsan Crafter's level above 20. (Ticket #1595)
  • A vassal's custom title is immediately changed upon gaining or losing a fief. (Ticket #1594)
  • Shield bashing should now fail less. The Steady Footing talent was permanently kicking in. There is up to a 15% chance of a bash failing based on the difference between the victim and attacker's strength values.
  • You should no longer be able to poison yourself using the Poisoned Weapons ability by receiving falling damage. (Ticket #1597)
  • Artisan blacksmiths should no longer repair an item to above plain quality and then attempt to repair it again until it is dropped back down to plain quality.  (Ticket #1630)
  • Fief exchanges now only see prosperity as a minimum of 50 so that the AI views what a fief is capable of being instead of what it currently is if prosperity is very low.  (Ticket #1629)
  • Companion Advisors can no longer read a book additional times to gain the same benefits.  (Ticket #1604)
  • Faction troops that have become obsolete due to their faction being revamped will now show up in the recruitment window available for dismissal if you have them in your party.  (Ticket #1617)


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