Version 0.22

Released: 2/7/2014

Bug Fixes:

  • Companions with the Useful Contacts ability will no longer report finding a ransom broker repeatedly upon entering a town even when you have no prisoners. (Applicability: Nizar, Borcha)
  • Companions will no longer be accidentally promoted to vassal status by being recognized as an inactive lord.  This bug has reprecussions throughout save games in v0.21 and will be retroactively fixed in v0.22.  Every companion that is currently a lord and not of the player's custom faction (ie, you're a king and they are your vassal) will immediately be demoted and returned to a "wandering the taverns" status.  (Applicability: All Companions, Retroactive Save Fix)
  • Pretenders will no longer show up in the change autoloot settings menu causing companion names to be offset by one when viewing their settings.
  • Improved how the autoloot system's ratings work with item quality values.  In some cases these values were being applied more than once for armors.
  • Numerous helms were being displaced at the feet of a troop.  This has been corrected and these helms have been returned to the pool of available merchandise.
  • Standard combat effects (sprinting, health regen, abilities, etc.) have now been enabled while walking around villages, towns, castles, visiting castles or training in villages.
  • Storekeepers should now properly be picking up food looted from a battlefield instead of Quartermasters taking it if it exceeds your minimum value for pickup setting.
  • Rhodok & Swadian guards (new revision ones) will no longer threaten your life for simply talking to them.
  • Companions can no longer read the same book repeatedly gaining its benefits.
  • Upgraded troops for the new troop trees will now show up in your recruitment list as party members so that they can be dismissed.
  • Garrison sizes in the normal difficulty should now be appropriately sized.  This fix will be applied to all current save games where garrison sizes are greater than 500 men and the location is not owned by the player.  (Applicability: Normal Difficulty Games, Retroactive Save Fix)


  • The Berserker ability has now had its values tied to your Mod Difficulty setting. The value per rank of Ironflesh is now 7% Easy, 5% Normal, 4% Hard and 3% Very Hard.  This difficulty based reduction applies only to heroes.  Standard troops still receive a gain of 7% / rank.
  • Several higher end body armors have been reduced in price to make them more in line with other armors of nearly equal value.  A complete rebalance for items is still in progress.

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