Tihr small
Valkyrie of Tihr
T6 - T8
Tihr relation: 10+
Agile Rider


Melee Ranged Armor
357 - 384 380 - 427 378 - 480


Taken from My Travels through Calradia, written by Geroian traveller Lorenz Baumann; 1220
Probably the most notable difference between the Nords and the other nations of Calradia is the status of their women. While they are not entirely equal with men, they are not viewed as their possessions. Women are free to choose their own path, and no one usually tells them what to do.

That means, for example, that woman can choose to take up arms and join any war band they see fit. Those women are usually called shield-maiden, probably because most of them favour shields and one handed weapons.

Knowing that, I expected to see armed women when I arrived at Tihr. Yet there still was surprise waiting for me there. When we neared Tihr, we were waylaid by a group of raiders. We were uncomfortably outnumbered, and our situation was not looking good, but then another group appeared. They were riding horses and the raiders were quickly dealt with.

The group escorted us to the town and by then I was eager to discover who is under those helmets as cavalry combat is almost unheard of among the Nords. I was genuinely surprised when I realised they were all women.

My friend, on whose invitation I came to Tihr, explained to me that those women, Valkyries as they call themselves, are in charge of protecting the outskirts of town. They are under command of shield-maiden Sigrun Björnsdóttir. She was allegedly abducted by Khergits while young. From them she learned how to ride and fight from saddle, and she is now teaching those skills to the women under her command.

My friend did not know if this story is true, but Sigrun and her skills are undoubtedly real.

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