Uxkhal small
Uxkhal Bandit
T3 - T5
Negative honour (Uxkhal)


Melee Ranged Armor
234 - 242 242 - 332 123 - 123


Report from Caldan, Sergeant of Uxkhal city guard; 1246

It looks like those recent raids were all done by the same group. They always hit fast, and if we can believe what survivors said, they are all using horses. It looks like they hide their horses close to the road and then set up an ambush. They hit the caravan hard with bolts and when the guards and travellers are dead or wounded, they grab what they can and disappear.

My scouts found several ambush sites and they swear the trail always points directly back to Uxkhal. I recommend an increased security at the gates and a search for possible tunnels. Sending more patrols would probably help too, the landscape is rather flat and large group should be easy to spot. They can use this tactic only as long as we don’t have any patrols in the area.

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