Unique Troops

Part of the new recruitment system is the capacity for designating troops that are unique to a single location. These troops are shown differently in the recruitment list with a gold name and (unique) tag. Unique troops are always visible in a town's troop list, but hiring them requires at least one more additional requirement to be met:

  • You must have a sufficient relation with the center. For most unique troops this means a friend requirement of +10. A special case is that castles, having no reasonable way to currently raise relation, use the relation of their attached village.

Unique troops are not intended to be the strongest troops of a faction as they can come in varying tiers and roles. They are, however, intended to be among the strongest of their tier. These units do this by incorporating troop abilities. So a tier 3 unique troop should definitely be more useful than a tier 3 standard troop. This comparison does not always mean they're more useful in battle as their unique abilities may lend towards improving the performance of the party as a whole.

The name of each troop is usually a combination of it's unique location name and troop specific name. If this is the case, the name will change if player changes the name of the troop's location. For example, if I change the name of Suno to Cardiff, the Suno Master Archer will change his name accordingly to Cardiff Master Archer.

Example Troop

Troop unique

Unique Troop List & Abilities

Praven Retainer Praven Hardy Agile Rider N/A
Dhirim Light Cavalry Dhirim Trailblazer Agile Rider N/A
Boyars Druzhina Reyvadin Bloodlust Graceful Rider N/A
Khudan Mounted Archer Khudan Sharpshooter Dedicated N/A
Curaw Town Guard Curaw Bloodlust Sprinter N/A
Tulga Khan Guard Tulga Hardy Graceful Rider N/A
Sungetche Border Guard Sungetche Castle Sharpshooter Trailblazer N/A
Halmar Spearman Halmar Devoted Fortitude N/A
Jelbegi Crossbow Militia Jelbegi Castle Devoted Sharpshooter N/A
Wercheg Cavalry Wercheg Fortitude Trailblazer N/A
Tihr Longbowman Tihr Sharpshooter Hunter N/A
Jamiche Border Guard Jamiche Castle Trailblazer Loyal N/A
Veluca Pikeman Veluca Fortitude Hardy N/A
Grunwalder Voulgiers Grunwalder Castle Fortitude Endurance N/A
Durquba Javelineer Durquba Sharpshooter Devoted N/A
Mamluke Mounted Archer Bariyye Sharpshooter Hardy N/A
Sultan Foot Guards Shariz Fortitude Hardy N/A
Uxkhal Bandit Uxkhal Scavenger Stealth (+) N/A
Tilbaut Archer Tilbaut Castle Master Bowman Fortitude Steady Aim (+)
Dhirim Captain Dhirim Hardy Commanding Presence Tactician
Suno Master Archer Suno Volley Commander Sharpshooter Master Bowman
Praven Knight Praven Inspiring Disciplined Fortitude
Outrider of Nelag Nelag Castle Trailblazer Agile Rider Steady Aim (++)
Jeirbe Sellsword Jeirbe Castle Hardy Endurance -> Boundless Endurance (+) Dedicated (++)
Southward Cataphract Dramug Castle Loyal Fortitude Disciplined
Druzina of Reyvadin Reyvadin Bloodlust Graceful Rider Devoted
Huntsman of Khudan Khudan Hunter Sharpshooter (+) Steady Aim (++)
Curaw Guardsman Curaw Bloodlust Sprinter N/A
Valkyrie of Tihr Tihr Agile Rider Inspiring Disciplined
Thane of Sargoth Sargoth Graceful Rider Trailblazer N/A

(+) - This ability is not unlocked until the troop reaches the rank of veteran.

(++) - This ability is not unlocked until the troop reaches the rank of elite.

-> - This ability is upgraded into another ability after the specified rank.

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