Removing Tax Inefficiency

Purpose: This will increase the number of fiefs you may own before tax inefficiency begins to kick in up to 60 fiefs.  Natively this limit is anywhere from 2 (hard) to 6 (easy).  By increasing the limit this high you are effectively removing tax inefficiency from the game entirely.

Difficulty: Easy.

Edited Files:

  • presentations.txt


Step 1

Using your text editor of choice, open the presentations.txt file found in the mod's main directory. Make sure that you back up the original copy of this file in the event that you make mistakes.

Step 2

Search for the following line of information: "prsnt_budget_report"

Step 3

On the NEXT line, look for "1224979098644774915 2 2133" and replace that middle 2 value with 60.

Step 4

On the same line as the previous edit, look for "1224979098644774915 4 2133" and replace that middle 4 value with 60.

Step 5

On the same line as the previous edit, look for "1224979098644774915 6 2133" and replace that middle 6 value with 60.

Step 6

Save and exit. Tweak should now be functional.

Step 7

If you had tax inefficiency showing in your weekly budget before then you should be able to easily visit it and verify that this tweak is functioning by seeing it now not show up.

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