Each castle or town in Silverstag has a treasury associated with it that only the owner of the location can access. This treasury is created so that you can store cash away safe from being captured and to fund certain services within the fief.

Allocating Funds

There are two methods for putting funding into a fief's treasury explained below:

Direct Changes

From within a fief's Finances UI you can make direct deposites and withdrawals from that location's treasury. Simply set the slider to the value you wish to deposit or withdraw and then click the applicable button below the slider. This will move money to or from your party's funding.

Weekly Allocation

You can setup a weekly allocation that diverts some of a fief's earnings directly into its treasury instead of sending it to you. This can be helpful for supporting services that make regular withdrawals from the treasury.

Services Using the Treasury

Garrison Recruitment

The Garrison Recruitment system pulls its weekly budget directly from the treasury. When there is insufficient funding in the treasury to support a budget recruitment for that week is simply halted.

0.19 finances

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