Tilbaut small
Tilbaut Catle Archer
T5 - T7
Tilbaut Castle relation: 10+
Master Archer
Steady Aim at Tier 7


Melee Ranged Armor
274 - 344 324 - 424 396 - 401


Taken from Armies of Calradia, study researched and written by Wojciech Borowski of Reyvadin; 1254
While Swadians prefer crossbows as their weapon of choice for ranged combat, there are a few distinct exceptions, archers from Suno being one and those from Tilbaut Castle being the second. But while the former are swadians peasants, who adopted bow due to circumstances of their region, bowmen from Tilbaut castle come mostly from Vaegir nation.

It is not so surprising, since the castle guards the border between the nations of Swadia and Vaegirs. This region is usually full of border skirmishes and slow firing crossbows are a clear disadvantage in hit and run engagements. Owners of the castle sought the means to negate this disadvantage and as a result, archer’s pay in Swadia is nearly double than in Vaegir’s lands. Needles to say, a lot of bowmen from the border regions are willing to fight for the one who pays more.

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