The Salt Mine

The Salt Mine

As of v0.26.

Near the village of Yalibe within the Swadian plains is a small mine tended by Barezan the trader. Though his mine is located within Swadian territory, Barezan is a neutral merchant freely trading with each of the factions as long as they keep the peace when visiting.

Trading Opportunities

The Salt Mine is always in need of tools so they can fetch a decent price being sold here. True to the mine's name, salt can be found here in large quantities for a very cheap price making it a profitable stop for buying while in the area. Leather is also commonly kept in stock, yet keeps with the median price as supply sufficiently matches demand here.

Prisoner Offloading

The mine makes regular use of unwanted prisoners to work it's depths. Offering a median return on their worth, prisoners can be easily dropped off here when ransoming them elsewhere brings no profit.

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