Suno small
Suno Master Archer
T6 - T8
Suno relation: 10+
Volley Commander
Master Bowman


Melee Ranged Armor
311 - 411 462 - 562 333 - 333


Taken from The Calradic People, written by scholar Rodowid; 1238
While Calradia is full of good archers, no one, not even the Khergit tribesman can win a contest of skill against an archer born in fiefdom of Suno. Those lands are rich in both game and brigands and lads there learn to use the bow from a young age. The wildlife is smart and a bad shot can mean a hungry week or a knife in the belly, if it was not a deer what the lad missed.

Local lords are aware of their people’s talents and they would occasionally hold a contest, where they observe the skilled bowmen, picking the best for their armies and garrisons. Many of those chosen often turn to mercenary work, when their master no longer needs their services.

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