Skills Overview


Every two levels of this skill increases starting battle advantage by 1. Party skill.

Sure you may just rush into battle swinging, chopping or piercing but the wise commander knows that tactics before a battle are invaluable. Train in this skill and the game reflects such wisdom with advantages prior to engagement.

Skill Effects in Silverstag

  • The player must have at least two ranks in Tactics in order to activate the Real Time Deployment system.
    • Higher ranks in Tactics allows for a greater number of deployment commands prior to combat.
  • Troops with the Tactician ability improve the damage of nearby troops by +3% per rank of Tactics.
  • Troops with the Volley Commander ability improve the accuracy of nearby troops by +8% per rank of Tactics.
  • Each point reduces the cost and construction time of building an improvement by 5%.
  • When a companion is assigned to the Captain of the Guard position:

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