Skills Overview


This skill helps you make other people accept your point of view. It also lowers the minimum level of relationship needed to get NPCs to do what you want. (Personal skill)

Skill Effects in Silverstag

  • Several quests (Silverstag ones) have dialog options making it possible to bribe, persuade or lie your way out of a situation with a chance of success improved by your Persuasion skill.
  • You will be able to convince lords to pay you more when entering a mercenary contract with them.
    Note: This is a player only effect.
  • The chance that vassals may lose relation with you based upon your kingdom policies as a king is reduced by 1% per rank of the Persuasion skill.
    • The Silver-Tongued ability increases this benefit from 1% to 2% per rank.
  • When a companion is assigned to the Gaoler party role:
    • The Useful Contacts ability increases the sale price of prisoners by 4% per point of Persuasion.
  • When a companion is assigned to the Quartermaster party role:
    • The Cargomaster ability increases the sale price of items by 3% per point of Persuasion.
  • When a companion is assigned to the Captain of the Guard position:
    • The companion adds +6 to the Recruitment Rating of the center or any villages bound to that center (that is also owned) for each point of Persuasion.
  • When negotiating a fief exchange with another vassal the rating of your offer is improved by 0.8% per rank of Persuasion.

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