The quartermaster handles the party's trade goods. He will manage any equipment taken from fallen enemies and attempt to obtain the best price available for that gear upon entering the next town for a 15% cut of the profits.


Role Tasks

Ability 1

The quartermaster holds all looted items for later sale in their inventory. Their ability to store items is directly influenced by their skill in Inventory Management.

Ability 2

If enabled, automatically sells items in his inventory to any available merchants upon entering a town. The profit they earn is directly influenced by their Trade skill.

Special Notes

  • Items sold by the Quartermaster are always based upon that companion's level in the Trade skill, not the party's.
  • Food items in a looting screen will be disregarded and left for the Storekeeper to pick up.
  • Companions assigned to the Quartermaster role will automatically earn bonus experience whenever profit is gained.
    • The Quick Study ability allows a companion to earn an additional 1% per 2 points of Intelligence on top of any bonus experience the role normally provides.
  • When a companion is assigned to the Quartermaster role:
    • The Cargomaster ability improves the amount of cash on hand a merchants have 5% per point of the Trade.
    • The Cargomaster ability improves the sale price of items by 3% per point of Persuasion. This is in addition to their normal price boost due to the Trade skill.
    • The Useful Contacts ability allows your Quartermaster to sell items to a merchant even if they do not possess the cash on hand to purchase them.

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