Recruitment Prerequisites

The recruitment system in Silverstag differs quite a bit from what is found in the native game. Troops can be hired directly instead of trained up from a peasant, but in return you'll need to meet specific prerequisites before a troop can be hired.

Ability Themes


Much like the native game there is a direct cost in denars for each troop type.

Recruit Type

Every recruit belongs to specific origin type. Generally troops that are of tier 1-4 will require peasant recruits. Tiers 5 or higher require veteran recruits. Mercenaries can come from any tier. Cavalry units also require having an available mount.

Special Prerequisites

These are special considerations that can define how the troop is handled whether it is a unique, affiliated or standard troop. They will be listed below.

Hiring a Troop

This is done by visiting the "Gather Information & Recruit Volunteers" / "Manage this Fief" menu item upon visiting a town:

  • Set the "recruit / dismiss amount" number box at the bottom to the amount you wish to hire. If you choose more than you can afford or are available as recruits then the number will be limited to however many can be hired.
  • Click the "Recruit Troop" button to the right of the troop type you wish. If this button is disabled it means that you are not meeting one of that troop's prerequisites and that requirement will be shown in a red font.

Special Prerequisites

1 Unique Location This troop can only be hired at a specific fief and generally only if you have enough relation with that fief.  The relation requirement, if needed, will be listed separately.
2 Elite Mercenary This is used on higher tier mercenaries and prevents their hiring unless the location has a Mercenary Chapterhouse already built there.
3 Owner Only Troops with this requirement can only be hired by the owner of the fief where the recruiting is occurring.
4 Friend Troops with this requirement can only be hired if you have a relation with the fief of at least 10.
5 Ally Troops with this requirement can only be hired if you have a relation with the fief of at least 25.
6 Dishonorable Bandits carrying this requirement can not be hired unless your honor is at 0 or less.
7 Affiliated Troops with this requirement can't be hired unless you are a member of the faction that the fief belongs to.  The one exception is if you have a relation of 20+ with a village then they will ignore this prerequisite.
8 Chartered Currently unused.
9 Unique Location Upgrade This is flagged on the veteran & elite upgrades to unique troops so that they do not show up as hirable within a fief.  It has no direct bearing to the player.
10 Liege Relation To hire a troop with this requirement you must have a relation of 50+ with the leader of the fief's faction.
11 High Upkeep Troops with this flag cost twice as much in weekly wages.
12 Expensive Troops with this flag cost 50% more when hired.

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