Silverstag Quests

One aspect of the game that we're aiming to improve in future versions is the quests. While there are many native quests there is a great deal of room for improvement. Below is a list of all quests currently active within the mod, excluding any native quests that already exist.  Reading the descriptions on these quests will contain spoilers so be warned that you may not wish to visit these pages yet.

Quest Name Developer

Reworked Native Quests

Hunt Down a Fugitive Windyplains

Tournament Quests

Tournament Invitation Windyplains

Village Quests

A Craftsman's Knowledge Windyplains
Sending Aid Windyplains

Nobility Quests

Summoned To Your Keep Windyplains
Patrol For Bandits Windyplains
Mercenary Contract Windyplains
Root Them Out Windyplains
Escort Prisoners to Salt Mines Windyplains

Companion Acquisition Quests

Nissa's Redemption Windyplains
Nissa's Introduction Windyplains
Nissa Part I - Return To Tulbuk Windyplains
Nissa Part II - Accept The Challenge Windyplains
Nissa Part III - Saving Face Windyplains

Tutorial Quests

Expanding Your Talents Windyplains
Assigning a Storekeeper Windyplains
Assigning a Quartermaster Windyplains
Assigning a Gaoler Windyplains

Story-Linked Quests

A Freeman's Return Windyplains