Scouting Ahead

Short Summary

QUEST TYPE: Oathbound Quest
Quest Giver:
Oathbound Lord
Available Task List
Rank: Militia
Cooldown Period: 5 days

Quest Description

This last scout's report is of little value to me. Does he not realize if I lead my men that way it would set us up for an ambush? You there. I need you to take your men and ride towards this location on the map. Make note of which passes appear safe from prying eyes and where we can setup camp for the night..

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Rewards & Penalties

+2 Reputation

+5 Rating
+1 Relation (Oathbound Lord)

-6 Reputation

-15 Rating
-3 Relation (Oathbound Lord)

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Upon choosing this task up to three locations will be selected for you to scout near. In game terms you only need to pass nearby to them similar to the native scouting mission works. Once you have scouted each point the quest description will update. After all of the required points have been scouted you'll be notified to return to your Oathbound Lord to give your report. This is done by simply turning it in via dialog.

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