Prisoners of War

Short Summary

QUEST TYPE: Oathbound Quest
Quest Giver:
Oathbound Lord
Available Task List
Rank: Initiate
Cooldown Period: 5 days

Quest Description

Several of my scouts have been captured and have need of fresh prisoners to support an exchange. They would be left to their own fate for being captured if their information was not of value to me. To support this end I need you to capture several of our enemies in combat without killing them. Do you think you can handle that?

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Rewards & Penalties

+2 Reputation

+5 Rating
+1 Relation (Oathbound Lord)

-6 Reputation

-15 Rating
-3 Relation (Oathbound Lord)

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Once you have this quest active any enemy that you knock out during combat, while serving within the Oathbound Lord's army, will count towards completion. The quest itself is automatically completed upon reaching the required number of prisoners.

Note: You do not actively need to capture prisoners in the post-combat party window to get credit for them.

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