Make Your Mark

Short Summary

QUEST TYPE: Oathbound Quest
Quest Giver:
Oathbound Lord
Available Task List
Rank: Sergeant
Cooldown Period: 5 days

Quest Description

Our recent engagements have left our ranks too thin. I need you to hire more men in the nearby settlements. See the quartermaster and he shall see that you have whatever coin is needed.

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Rewards & Penalties

+3 Reputation

+6 Rating
+1 Relation (Oathbound Lord)

-9 Reputation

-18 Rating
-3 Relation (Oathbound Lord)

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Once you have taken this quest you'll be compensated with enough denars to buy the specified troops and be granted permission to leave the army. These troops may be acquired in any manner that you see fit. So if you're able to free some prisoners that are of that troop type then they still count, but the funds you're given are equal to the full price of the requested troops + 10% extra. This is so if you lose a troop or two you'll still have enough to pay for the additional amount.

Also, any troops you bring back that have advanced to the veteran or elite status will give you a bonus in payment, rating and relation change with the Oathbound Lord.

The bonus in payment is equal to (25% of target troop's cost) * (# of advanced troops) * (# of upgrades). The (# of upgrades) is equal to 1 for veterans and 2 for elites.

This same tally of upgrades is then used to determine your bonus to rating and relation. That bonus is increased by +1 for every 5 upgrades you turned in.

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