Hunt down a fugitive

Short Summary

Main Content:
Find and kill a murderer
Quest Giver:
Any lord
Asking a Lord for a Task
Cooldown Period: 5 Days
Nervous Man
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Quest Progression

There are four basic stages to this quest.

Stage 1 - When asking any lord for a task when not a lord yourself, they will tell you one of their soldiers murdered a man and then deserted their army. You will be asked to find and kill the man and when accepted, the lord will tell you he is hiding in a randomly chosen village in the lord's faction with relatives.

Stage 2 - Arriving in the village you will most likely be unable to see him at first. Asking passing villagers on the criminal's whereabouts will lead to them telling you to speak to the village elder. When speaking to the elder, he will claim he has no idea where the fugitive is, though you can attempt to persuade him to believe you wish to help him. If you do so, it ends the quest and starts A Freeman's Return. (NOTE: This stage can be skipped in its entirety.)

Stage 3 - If you don't speak to the elder or successfully persuade him, your next step is to search the village for the fugitive. He is easier to find in some more than others, but every time you'll be looking for a man standing around (unlike the other villagers) with a sword on his hip named the Nervous Man. Your minimap might help you with this. Speaking to him, you will accuse him of being the fugitive and he will attack you in desperation. He is a rather easy fight, and killing him will end with you succeeding the quest but will cause the village to lose relation.

Stage 4 - With the fugitive dead, you simply have to search out the quest giving lord and inform him of your deeds. He will offer you your reward of 300 Denars, but you can refuse it for a good amount of honor.

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Rewards & Penalties

<value needed> +300 Denars (if reward is accepted)

+3 honor (if reward is refused) +1 relation with initiating lord (accepted) +1 relation with initiating lord (complete)

<value needed>
No info No info No info

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