Assigning a Gaoler

Short Summary

QUEST TYPE: Tutorial
Main Content:
Assign a new Gaoler.
Quest Giver:
Self Given
Automatic / World map
Eligible Companion

Player filling Gaoler role.

Cooldown Period: Not Applicable
Assigning a Gaoler - small
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Quest Progression

While traveling the world map you may receive a pop-up message informing you that you have a companion eligible to fulfill the Gaoler role in your party that has not been assigned. This quest is designed to walk you through the four basic requirements for setting up a Gaoler.

Objective #1 - You need to select an eligible companion to fulfill this role. Underneath the description of each role is blue lettering describing the minimum requirements necessary. In the case of a Gaoler this is a Prisoner Management skill of 2 or greater. To assign a companion simply click the drop-down menu and select their name. If they are ineligible to fill this role you'll be notified of this and no reassignment will occur.

Objective #2 - You need to visit the main Mod Options page and set a "Party Gaoler Mode" value. This is set to a default selling and storing prisoners. You can either reselect this option or change it to any other option to complete this objective.

These two objectives may be completed in any order. Once that has been done the quest will complete itself and will not return as it can only be triggered once in a single save game.

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Rewards & Penalties

None None None
No info No info No info

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