Praven small
Praven Knight
T7 - T9
Praven relation: 25+


Melee Ranged Armor
547 - 647 N/A - N/A 518 - 524


From the decree of his majesty, King Harlaus, issued in the year 1249
In the name of his majesty King Harlaus, King of Swadia and rightful ruler of all Calradia,

Sir William Baldwin is tasked with establishing and operating the Royal Arms Academy. Sir Baldwin will be given a yearly sum of twenty thousand denars, which he will use for the purposes of the Academy.

The Academy will train young able bodied boys and men in the arts of combat, strategy and tactics so they may later join the army of his majesty as his sergeants. Those who will prove themselves loyal, courageous and skilled will be knighted, regardless of their origin.

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