Player Abilities

Character Abilities UI

As of v0.20.

Player characters may now select specialized abilities that improve their performance at levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30. Similar to Companion Abilities, these talents carry a few different themes and further define the kind of fighter that you represent. Some of these abilities are unique only to a player, while there are other abilities that companions and troops have that are not available to players due to their design. Selecting the right abilities and improving the skills that key off of them will help define what kind of role your character plays in Calradia.

Ability Themes

Personal Combat

These abilities specifically enhance your combat performance with generally no party application. Examples of this include: Bloodlust, Blademaster, Fortitude and Hardy.

Party Benefit

Abilities in this category apply either a party wide effect in or out of combat or a localized party effect within combat. Examples of this include: Tactician, Trailblazer, Volley Commander and Commanding Presence.


These abilities enhance the way you work with the game by providing more information or simply enhancing your character in a non-combat manner.

Assigning Abilities

This is done by visiting the Character Abilities UI and using the following steps:

  • From the list of abilities on the right, click one.
  • This will bring up information on that ability and show it displayed in the center tooltip.
  • Now click the "<-- Assign" button next to the level to which you want to assign it on the left.

Available Abilities

Agile Rider Personal Combat No falling damage when mount killed, no encumbrance penalty to riding
Berserker Personal Combat Additional health bonus from Ironflesh
Blademaster Personal Combat Increases damage with cutting melee weapons based on Weapon Master Savant
Bloodlust Personal Combat Increases damage at the expense of accuracy, effects increase with health lost
Charging Strike Personal Combat Enhances damage based on a sprinting attack.

Second Wind, Blademaster

Boundless Endurance Personal Combat Faster, longer sprinting; lower effects of Combat Hampering
Commanding Presence Party Benefit Increases Health Regeneration for nearby troops based on Leadership.
Disciplined Boost Grants bonus health from Intelligence Fortitude
Endurance Personal Combat Longer duration, slower sprinting with faster cooldown, less encumbrance based on Strength
Firing Captain Party Benefit Increases the reloading speed of nearby troops based on Leadership.
Fortitude Personal Combat Reduces effects of Combat Hampering Disciplined
Graceful Rider Personal Combat Chance to ignore extra pike damage based on Riding, no Encumbrance penalty to Horse Archery
Hardy Personal Combat Improves Health Regeneration based on Ironflesh
Hunter Party Benefit Reduces food consumption
Indomitable Personal Combat The effects of Strength on Encumbrance are multiplied by 3
Inspiring Party Benefit Increases the morale of your party based on your Leadership skill.
Master Archer Personal Combat Increases bow damage based on Weapon Master Sharpshooter
Multicultural Party Benefit All troops under your command are treated as if they have the Dedicated ability.
Nimble Personal Combat The effects of Agility on Encumbrance are multiplied by 3
Nocturnal Party Benefit Increases the effectiveness of the Vanguard role.
Poisoned Weapons Boost Creates a temporary affliction that greatly hampers an enemy's effectiveness and causes health loss.
Rallying Figure Boost Increases party size and morale bonuses from Leadership
Rallying Strike Personal Combat Boosts the courage of nearby allies whenever you strike an enemy down in combat. Inspiring
Rapid Reload Boost Increases reloading speed with crossbows, muskets and pistols based upon crossbow weapon proficiency.
Savage Bash Personal Combat Increases damage from shield bash based on Strength and Shield
Savagery Personal Combat Reduces the courage of nearby enemies whenever you strike an enemy down in combat.
Savant Boost 50% increase to XP gain from high Intelligence
Second Wind Boost Defeating an enemy resets your stamina recovery cooldown and immediately returns stamina.
Steady Aim Personal Combat Increases damage of ranged attacks based on how long you pause before attacking and your Strength Master Archer, Sharpshooter
Stealthy Boost Aids in concealment from hostile parties based on Spotting and Tracking Trailblazer
Storyteller Boost Increases renown gain from battle based on Persuasion
Scavenger Party Benefit Increases the quantity of loot based on Looting
Sharpshooter Personal Combat Increases accuracy based on Weapon Master Master Archer
Silver-Tongued Boost Unlocks all persuasion attempts and increases chances of persuasion by 25%
Sprinter Personal Combat Faster speed but shorter duration sprinting
Steady Footing Personal Combat Allows you to resist the effects of a shield bash.
Tactician Party Benefit Increases damage of nearby troops based on Tactics
Thrifty Boost Adds useful trade info and tooltips to the UI Wholesaler
Trailblazer Party Benefit Increases Path-finding
Volley Commander Party Benefit Increases the accuracy of nearby troops based on Tactics
Watchful Eye Party Benefit Increases prisoner capacity based on Prisoner Management
Wholesaler Boost Decreases price drift when selling multiples of the same item based on Trade Thrifty

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