Oathbound Reputation

Your reputation within the Oathbound system expresses how trustworthy a faction feels you are at keeping to the promises of your contract. It has a direct impact on whether they'll choose to hire you, maintain your service and how well you are paid. The more trustworthy you are considered the greater pay you'll receive for continued service, but if you are deemed to be someone of little honor then your pay will reflect that. Reputation is a value that can move from -100 to +100, but if it gets to -75 or less then you'll immediately be fired from your current contract.

There are two forms of reputation that your actions influence. The standard use of the reputation phrase refers to your reputation within a specific faction. Alternatively you have a general reputation that combines your reputations across the factions to get a larger picture view of your actions. If you have been fired from one faction and served no others then you can expect to have a negative "global reputation" (at a less negative value) so your starting pay elsewhere will still be effected. If your global reputation drops to -75 or less then no faction will hire you.

Reputation Levels

Revered 75 to 100 +100% bonus to total pay.
Trusted 30 to 74 +50% bonus to total pay.
Favored 6 to 29 +25% bonus to total pay.
Neutral -5 to 5 No effect.
Disliked -29 to -6 -25% bonus to total pay.
Distrusted -74 to -30 -50% bonus to total pay.
Hated -100 to -75

You cannot be hired.

You will be fired.

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