Oathbound Rank & Rating

Your rank refers to the level of importance you have received with a faction within the Oathbound system. Rank directly influences your base pay, the kinds of missions you can receive, the choice of loot you'll be given and the priveledges you receive within the army. To improve your rank you'll need to gain rating.

If your rank is akin to your level within Oathbound, then your rating is similar to your experience. Each rank requires a certain amount of rating before you can be promoted. In order to gain rating you'll need to accomplish missions or join your Oathbound Lord in combat. Rating can both increase and decrease depending on how you perform which can lead to your rank being promoted or even demoted.

Oathbound Rank Chart

The benefits of each prior rank are applied to the next unless overridden as described below.

Initiate None 0

Base pay.

Battlefield loot only.

Militia None 40

+20% to base pay.

Small loot selection post battle.

Maximum leave: 30 days

Sergeant Sergeant 100

+40% to base pay.

Medium loot selection post battle.

Maximum leave: 45 days

Captain Captain 200

+70% to base pay.

Large loot selection post battle.

Great Captain Captain 300

+100% to base pay.

Maximum leave: 60 days

Hedge Knight Sir / Dame 500

+250% to base pay.

Granted a knighthood & banner.

Maximum leave: Unlimited.

Elder Knight Sir / Dame 1000

+400% to base pay.

Vassal Lord / Lady 1500 Offered vassalage within the faction.

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