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Design philosophyEdit

Nordic troops are heavily based on strong infantry and archers. They have four I4s and two A4s which results in ability to make affordable yet powerful infantry army.

Basic troops Edit

Troop Name Tier Purpose Equipment
Nord Bondsman I1 Basic infantry Light armour, axe
Nord Peasant I2 Basic infantry Light armour, shield, axe, spear
Nord Retainer I4 Offensive Infantry Dane axe, sword, shield

Nord Spearman

I4 Defensive infantry, spearman Spear, sword, shield, heavy armour

Nord Hirdmadr

I7 Defensive infantry, spearman Pike, axe, shield, heavy armour

Nord Hunter

A1 Basic archer Bow, knife

Nord Retinue Archer

A3 Heavy archer Bow, armour, axe

Nord Skirmisher

A4 Infantry, skirmisher Shield, axe, throwing spears 2x

Varangian Archer

A5 Heavy archer Heavy armour, bow, sword, bodkin arrows 2x


Troop Name Tier Purpose Equipment
Nord Jomsviking I4 Heavy defensive infantry Heavy armour, shield, sword
Varangian Guard I7 Heavy shock infantry Heavy armour, one-handed axe, dane axe

Affiliated troopsEdit

Troop Name Tier Purpose Equipment Abilities

Nord Skald

I3 Light infantry Axe, shield, throwing spears


Nord Godi I6 Support Axe, shield
Nord Huscarl I7 Defensive infantry Axe, shield, throwing spears
Nord Scout A4 Light archer Hatchet, longbow, arrows x2 Pathfinder

Unique troopsEdit

Troop Name Tier Purpose Equipment Abilities
Jelbegi Lancer C3 Light Lancer Lance

Sargoth Thane

C5 Heavy Cavalry Shield, sword

Wercheg Maiden

I3 Heavy Infantry Sword, shield

Tihr Valkyrie

H6 Skirmisher Cavalry Sword, shield,throwing spears x2

Chalbek Amazon

A6 Skirmisher Axe, shield, throwing spears x2

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