Item Commissioning System

Within towns and castles you will be able to find smiths capable of crafting customized equipment with the correct look and modifier you desire, but the time of these artisans does not come cheaply. These commission requests can be made through the Fief Hub Menu for that location.

Special Notes


  • Items may be requested in any fief regardless of ownership.
  • You may have up to 5 commissions in a single location.
  • You may have up to 100 commissions across the map.


  • The price for commissioning an item is 350% of what it is worth combining item and modifier.
  • You must pay for 50% of the total commission's cost up front with the remainder paid upon pickup.
  • An artisan will only hold onto a completed item for 60 days before selling it off at your loss.


  • Commissions require time based on their value with a set workdate rate.
  • Having an artisan due to building a Royal Forge can allow you to process orders much quicker.
  • Commissions are fulfilled sequentially starting with the first item ordered.

Commissioning Interfaces

Cci commission item

Commission Request

This interface allows you to:
  • Request an item be built.
  • Pickup previously completed commissions.
  • Cancel current commission requests.
Cci commission list all

Request List

The commission listing interface shows all commissions within a save game:
  • All commissioned items are listed grouped within each location.
  • Each location displays their local artisan, if one is available.
  • The list can be altered to display the current location only or all.
Cci artisan blacksmith


The artisan interface displays:
  • The artisan's benefit to reducing commissioning cost, construction speed and any special properties.
  • The artisan's current level and required experience to level.
Cci emblem options

Emblem Options

The 'Emblem Options' interface displays:
  • Each option available for using Silverstag Emblems.
  • Display of the current status for applicable options.

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