Royal Forge

Construction Requirements & Facts

  • Applicability: Towns & Castles.
  • Building Cost & Time: Building this costs 8,000 denars and takes 54 days to build.


Blacksmiths can be found in nearly any village, but true artisans of skill fit for royalty are a rare find. Yet a workshop fit for their capabilities must first be created for skill alone cannot reshape raw materials into usable equipment. Such a forge will cost you a weekly upkeep, but it will attract the services of a skilled artisan that can repair damaged items and create custom ones faster with less cost involved.


  • Enables the Item Repairs and Artisan Crafter interfaces within the Item Commissioning hub.
  • Item Repairs
    • Allows repair of poor quality items to at least plain quality.
  • Artisan Blacksmith
    • Improves the speed at which repairs and item commissions are completed.
    • Reduces the costs for repairs and commissions.
    • Grants a chance of repairing an item beyond plain quality.
    • Grants a chance of gaining quick boosts of production.

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