Khudan small
Huntsman of Khudan
T2 - T4
Khudan relation: 10+


Melee Ranged Armor
132 - 232 188 - 288 179 - 179


Taken from The Calradic People, written by scholar Rodowid; 1238
Khergit tribes were not always united under one khagan. For many years, they bickered and fought among each other, the weak usually being wiped out or absorbed by the strong. Some smaller tribes tried to escape this ever present contest of strength, a contest they had no chance of winning. They were too small to defend against other tribes, yet they did not wish to serve under them nor did they wish to be slaughtered.

Some of these tribes were successful, others perished. One tribe, led by young Tulman Khan, decided to set out to Vaegir lands, hoping that their pursuers would not dare to chase them through the frozen planes. It was a bold, daring move. The harsh land of the Vaegirs took its toll on Tulman’s people, but it was a gamble he chose to take, a gamble that paid off.

The tribe made contact with Vaegir settlements and after a brief period of distrust, cautious yet mutually beneficial agreement was made. Natives showed the tribe how to survive in their new home and tribesmen acted as scouts and hunters for local settlements.

Over the years, the tribe eventually merged with local population, adopting its customs and their settled way of life. The unusual style of mounted hunting serves as the only remainder of the tribe that once lived in the lands around present day Khudan.

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