Garrison Recruitment System

One of the more tedious aspects of managing a kingdom in Warband during the mid-late game is stocking the garrisons of castles or towns that you acquire. Not only do you need to find sufficient recruits from the neighboring lands, but you also need to transport them back to the desired fief which means leaving enough space in your traveling party to accommodate this and having the time to see to it. This always seemed like the kind of task that your local Captain of the Guard should be responsible for overseeing, not the lord or king himself. With this change, that becomes the case and should add a lot of convenience in the way you oversee taking new locations.

How It Works

Once per week each location under your control will attempt to hire soldiers of a specific type and tier based upon available recruits, mounts (as needed) and the funding you've allowed. In order to make this occur the following things need to be set up:

System Enabled

Garrison recruitment needs to be enabled. This can be done by visiting the Garrison Queue UI and checking the aforementioned box. This is enabled automatically whenever you allocate treasury funds towards recruiting.


The fief's Treasury must have funds available to support the budget and you must setup a budget allocation for recruiting. Funding used to support recruitment is done from the fief's treasury instead of pulling directly from the player. You can allocate more funds to your Treasury through the Finances UI as well as setup your weekly recruiting budget there.

Queued Requests

You will need to tell the queue what you want hired and in what quantities. This is accomplished by visiting the Garrison Recruitment UI.

Spending Plan

This is your choice of using a Focused or Split spending plan for the queue and will be explained in more detail below. For now just know that it defaults to the Split Spending design.

Now that we've set up the above, every week your fief should hire as many soldiers from the queue that it can while staying within your set budget. You will not receive any updates or messages telling you that troops have been hired unless a fief tries to spend money towards the queue and is unable to due to insufficient treasury funds. In that event you'll be notified of that condition each week until you entire disable recruitment or allocate more funding to that fief.

Garrison Recruitment Interfaces

Grt general info

General Info

This interface gives a scrolling list of:
  • All troops currently within the garrison.
  • Garrisoned troops weekly wages, both individually and collectively.
  • Garrisoned troops combat specifications.
Grt garrison queue


The Queue UI is the main setting and display interface for working with the queue. From here you can:
  • Enable or disable queue recruiting at this location.
  • Change how much money is allocated to recruiting for this location.
  • Specify what kind of spending plan you wish used for the budget.
  • See what is currently within the queue for hiring.
  • See an estimation of what the next week's hiring will bring based on the above settings.
Grt garrison recruitment


The Recruitment UI is a scrolling list of troops available for hire at this location allows you to:
  • Add troops to the local queue.
  • Remove troops from the local queue.
  • It also allows you to see the combat specifications on a troop.
  • View their equipment by clicking their portrait.


The Training UI is a summary list of troops currently held within the garrison and allows you to:
  • Allocate the city's budget for training garrison troops.
  • Enable or disable training at this location.
  • Displays the current experience levels of troops garrisoned at this location.
Grt emblem options

Emblem Options

The 'Emblem Options' interface displays:
  • Each option available for using Silverstag Emblems.
  • Display of the current status for applicable options.

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