Garrison Queue UI

This is a single interface within the larger series of interfaces that make up the Garrison Recruitment system. It is designed for allowing you to functions related to and view the recruitment queue for a fief that you own.

Garrison Queue Interface

This is the main setting and display interface for working with the queue. From here you can:
  • Enable or disable queue recruiting at this location.
  • Change how much money is allocated to recruiting for this location.
  • Specify what kind of spending plan you wish used for the budget.
  • See what is currently within the queue for hiring.
  • See an estimation of what the next week's hiring will bring based on the above settings.
Grt garrison queue


System Enable

This allows you to enable or disable garrison recruitment at a fief without having to remove troops from the queue or cancel its budget. If recruitment is disabled then the weekly budget for recruiting will not be pulled.

Budget Spending

This menu allows you to toggle your spending plan for the recruitment queue between a "Split Budget" or "Focused Budget" setup.

Recruiting Budget

This slider lets you directly set how much money you want this center to pull from your Treasury weekly for the purposes of garrison recruitment. Once adjusting the slider to the value you wish displayed above it then you need to click the "Apply" button that appears below the slider for the changes to take effect.

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