Focused Budget

0.19 queue focused

The Focused Budget option tells the recruitment system to focus on hiring the top troop type in the queue until all of the requested troops have been hired. This becomes more useful when you simply need a specific type of troop hired as quickly as possibe. In the example shown to the right:

  • 12 C2 Khudan Mounted Archers were hired for 996 denars first. This met all of the requested quantity.
  • 20 I1 Recruits were hired for 280 denars second. This met all of the requested quantity.
  • 15 I1 Militia were hired for 240 denars last. This only met 15 of 25 of the requested quantity.

This leaves the I1 Militia at the top of the queue next week with a remaining request of 10 troops. This purchasing setup left 6 denars over from our budget of 1518 denars and that amount is applied to the next week meaning our budget will become 1524 denars for that week only.

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