Fief Exchange

To support consolidating your properties you may now negotiate with other vassals to trade fiefs. You can suggest a trade with any other vassal of your faction and if you're a ruler then you may negotiate a trade between two vassals of your realm. Vassals will not accept just any trade though and will be picky about getting a good deal.

Accessing This Feature

Step 1

Visit any town or castle of your faction and access the "Manage This Castle / Town" or "Gather Information & Recruit Volunteers" menu option.

Step 2

The initial town interface system will appear and along the left you'll have an option to handle "Realm Affairs". This will move you over to the series interfaces set aside for dealing with kingdom management.

Step 3

Another list of interfaces will appear on the left so you can pick the "Fief Exchange" option.

Supported Methods of Trade

These are the offering types available for you to trade with. They can be selected by clicking the drop-down menu next to an "Offering:" label on your side. You will also need to setup what you're asking the other vassal to offer to complete the trade as they will not suggest their own trades at this time.


This allows you to offer money directly from your held cash or in the event of a vassal from his storage of wealth. It is limited to a maximum of 200k denars for players and to 30% of maximum wealth or 200k denars for the AI. Note that a vassal will be picky about trades that only involve him receiving money in exchange for land.


This will create a slider where you can select which of your fiefs or the vassals you wish supplied for trade. The same fief cannot be selected and that is why you will sometimes move the slider yet see a delay before a different fief is displayed as it is preventing a duplicate selection.

Royal Coffers

This takes money directly from the ruler's held cash to help ease relation penalties that may occur do to a forced trade. This may only be used when the player is a ruler and the trade in question is between two vassals.

Making an Offer

In any trade arrangement a "Make Offer" button will be available at the bottom of the left side of the screen. When choosing to make an offer several things are taken account in order for one to be successful:

  • There must be some form of land in the trade. At least one fief must be offered on either side.
  • In an AI vs. Player trade the AI will expect their rating to be less than the players to represent them getting a better deal.
  • A vassal will not accept any trade that will cause them to drop in title. For example, they will not give up their only castle in exchange for any number of villages.
  • Each side must offer something in trade.

Forcing an Exchange

A ruler visiting this interface will have a further option to "Force Exchange" and while this bypasses many of the objections a vassal may have to a trade it will have diplomatic consequences. A vassal being given the better side of a trade will gain in relation with the ruler, while the one being slighted will lose relation. These relationship changes are further spread amongst that vassal's family members so a heavily one-sided trade can have severe consequences with one family while improving influence with another. The minimum requirements to enforce a trade include:

  • There must be some form of land in the trade. At least one fief must be offered on either side.
  • Each side must offer something in trade.

How an Offer Rating is Developed

Money Value Offered Rating = (Money * 0.17)
Lands Prosperity Rating = Prosperity * 5
Distance from Best Center The best center is picked (town, castle, village) and the distance from that location is determined.  This distance is then inversed so that closer is better and multiplied by 3.  Value range = 0 to 90.
Bound Center

If the property is a village then if your trade opponent already has the castle or town attached to it then the rating of this fief is improved by 300.

If the property is a town or castle then every attached village that your trading opponent already has will improve this fief's rating by 250.

Title Upgrade If a vassal will upgrade in title (landless -> village lord -> castle lord -> town lord) then the rating will be improved for this fief by 200 for each upgrade.
Improvements The total value of all improvements at this location are added together, including devaluation for any damage to them, and then set where rating equals 8% of that value.
Uncollected Rents The total value of currently uncollected rents at this location is given a rating equal to 10% of their value.
Infestation / Raided

If a village is currently infested with bandits its rating is reduced by 150.

If a village is current looted then its rating is reduced by 150.

Center Multiplier

The final rating combination for a fief is altered by the center's size:

Villages are multiplied by 2.

Castles are multiplied by 4.

Towns are multiplied by 7.

Royal Coffers Value Offered Rating = (Money * 0.17)

NOTE: Once the final rating is achieved this is further enhanced by your Persuasion and Trade skills by increasing your rating 0.8% per rank in either skill.


Fief exchange

As of v0.24

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