Kingdom of the Nords

Kingdom nords


Disputed Territory

Troop Tree

  • Nords' Troop Tree heavily on infantry and archer forces with just a couple of cavalry troops

Domestic Policies

Cultural Focus

Conquest 2
  • Base income for fiefs is reduced by 16%.
  • The ideal prosperity of fiefs is reduced by 6.
  • The cost of improvements is increased by 16%.
  • The time required to build improvements is increased by 10%.
  • Troop wages are reduced by 16%.
  • Kingdom armies have 20 more troops.
  • The proficiency of village recruits is improved by 2 tier.
  • The proficiency of castle recruits is improved by 1 tier.
  • Weariness penalty per battle is reduced by 2.
  • Weariness recovery rate limit is improved by 1.
  • Weariness recovery is 33% faster.

Border Control

Sealed 1
  • Trade income for fiefs is reduced by 8%.
  • Enterprises find raw materials cost 4% more.
  • Kingdom armies have 10 more troops.
  • Kingdom patrols have 25% more troops.


Accepted 1
  • Slaves are sold for 15% less in your kingdom.
  • Ransom Brokers have a 45% chance to appear in your towns.
  • Base income for fiefs is improved by 8%.
  • Enterprises find labor costs to be 20% less than standard.
  • The time required to build improvements is reduced by 10%.
  • Base party morale is increased by 7.

Military Diversity

  • Party Unity is reduced by 1 for every 3 faction troops.
  • Party Unity is reduced by 1 for each non-faction troop.
  • Party Unity is reduced by 2 for each mercenary troop.


  • Troops will begin deserting when party morale is less than 32.

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