Dhirm small
Dhirim Captain
T5 - T7
Dhirm relation: 25+
Commanding Presence


Melee Ranged Armor
392 - 492 N/A - N/A 410 - 416


Taken from My Travels Through Calradia, written by Geroian traveller Lorenz Baumann; 1220
I find Dhirm a very interesting place. It is built on an elevated location in the heart of Calradia, which makes it possible for the traveller to enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view. With a little luck and a good weather, one can see the Rhodok Mountains to the south, the Khergit plains to the east or the cities of Swadia to the west.

This central location however has its drawbacks, security being one of them. Vaegirs, Nords and Khergits all have relatively easy access to the region, and for that reason, the villages around Dhirm are usually the first victims to any war Swadia gets into. As a response to this a large contingent of mounted soldiers is stationed in the city, tasked with assisting local nobles with protection of the realm.

Commanders from this unit are trained to act independently so they may provide better support for the scattered villages and the whole contingent is armed solely with blunt weapons. One of my friends explained it to me like this: “Well, keeping those soldiers armed and fed is expensive, so we have them capture a lot of prisoners we can sell. That way, they can protect the region without ruining the city treasury.

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