Version 0.27

  • Oathbound / Freelancer system.
  • Party Role: Vanguard

Version 0.28

  • Achievements - Player & Character
  • Companion ability classes.
  • Companion emblem options / resets
  • Party Role: Scholar
  • Companion book queuing and automated reading.
  • Companion management system interface rewrite.

Version 0.29

  • Custom Troop Designer
  • Detailed post-combat battle report.

Version 0.30

  • Revamped character creation.
    • Capability to start play as a king.
    • Capability to start play as a vassal.

Version 0.31

  • Financial interface rewrite.
  • Infrastructure (Field & Improvement overhaul) (Save Breaker)
  • Improvement queue system.

Version 0.32

  • Bandit lairs (player custom ones)
    • Lair improvements.
    • Lair quests.
  • Bandit heroes

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