Code of Law (Common)

"A wise ruler knows that the reach of a ruler only extends as far as it is enforced. Implementing a standardized code of law for all subjects may override the local laws each village or town may have followed, but it sets a more consistent order of justice within the kingdom's borders. While this promotes a greater overall prosperity for a settlement, it presents an expense to maintain it."

Decree Effects

Game Effects:

  • Base income for fiefs is reduced by 8%.
  • The ideal prosperity of fiefs is increased by 4.
  • Citizens are 5% more likely to approve of your rule.

Noble Reactions:

  • Upstanding lords have a 5% chance to gain 1 relation weekly.
  • Benefactor lords have a 5% chance to gain 1 relation weekly.

Strategy Notes

  • This is typically a decree that you'll either always leave disabled or enabled depending on how you wish to rule.

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