Custom Vassal Titles

To improve gameplay immersion you can now customize what titles you want your vassals to be named by. These titles are unique to each faction and are further categorized by the properties that the lord or lady in question owns in their own right or through marriage. You may rename the titles for any faction regardless of membership or vassalage.

Accessing This Feature

Step 1

Visit any town or castle and access the "Manage This Castle / Town" or "Gather Information & Recruit Volunteers" menu option.

Step 2

The initial town interface system will appear and along the left you'll have an option to handle "Realm Affairs". This will move you over to the series interfaces set aside for dealing with kingdom management.

Step 3

Another list of interfaces will appear on the left so you can pick the "Vassal Titles" option.

Setting a Faction's Titles

This feature maintains out of game files to store your information which means the custom titles you set are also available in different save games. There is also a file for holding the default values that will be used if no custom ones are set.

Step 1

Use the "Selected Faction" dropdown menu to select the faction you wish to edit. This will automatically load the appropriate titles for each rank into the input fields.

Step 2

To change a current title click on the button for the rank you wish to change and it will darken. Now you can alter what is already there and hit return. Note that the new title is not yet set until you save your changes so you can back out at this point and no changes would take place.

Step 3

On the "Display Style" dropdown menu select the manner in which you wish titles to be displayed. Most factions use the default "Title Before Name" setting while the Khergits default to displaying a title following their name.

Step 4

Once you're done editing the faction titles then click the "Save Titles" button at the bottom. This will save the displayed titles for this faction only and will apply these changes to all nobles of this faction. Each faction will need to be edited separately.

Restoring Default Titles

All Factions - Since there is a separate file maintained for default titles all you need to do in order to restore them for all faction is to click the "Delete Saved Titles" button at the bottom. This will remove the custom title file and the default ones will take over.

Selected Faction - Click the "Load Defaults" button at the bottom and the default values for the currently selected faction will be displayed. If you want to keep these then click the "Save Titles" button to store them.


Custom vassal titles

As of v0.24

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