Companions that the player recruits can leave of their own volition. By not being sensitive to a companion's likes and dislikes, the player risks desertion and ineffective troops.

Companion likes and dislikes fall into two major categories:

- Other companions

- Actions taken by the player

Other Companions

Each companion recruited by the player generally holds three opinions total towards other companions in the game. These will generally consist of one preference and two objections.

A preference provides a morale boost to the companion holding the preference if the preferred companion is also in the party. Companions with satisfied preferences will sometimes alert the player to this fact after battles.

An objection provides a morale malus to the companion holding the objection if the objectionable companion is also in the party. Companions with objections to another character will frequently alert the player to this fact after battles.

The only companion that is an exception to the above outline is Nissa, who is also the only companion added by the Silverstag mod. As of v0.25, Nissa has no preferences and no objections. Neither does any other companion prefer or object to Nissa.

Actions Taken by the Player

There are ten actions that the player can take that cause a potential, immediate detriment to party morale. Unlike companion preferences, morale boosts are not possible due to actions taken by the player. Players can possibly offend one or more companions in their party by:

- Retreating from a battle

- Suffering heavy casualties in a battle

- Failing quests

- Failing to stock an adequate supply of food for one's army

- Lacking adequate denars to pay an army's wage

- Robbing villages

- Robbing caravans

- Returning serfs to their feudal lord

- Leaving troops behind to cover one's retreat

- Sending another, companion-specific, disliked companion as an emissary.

Each companion is offended by as many as one to five of the above activities: for instance, Marnid will be offended when the player robs a village, robs a caravan, fails a quest, returns serfs, or sends Matheld as an emissary while Klethi can only be offended by sending the aforementioned Marnid as an emissary. This example also shows that companion-companion objections can differ from companion-emissary offenses. Marnid does not mind having Matheld as a companion, but will object if the player sends her to the other lords of Calradia as a royal emissary.

Name Noble Likes Dislikes




Cost Skills Sex Personality
Alayen Yes Ymira Marnid, Nizar Failing Quests, Baheshtur as emissary 300 Power Strike, Weapon Master, Riding Male Martial
Artimenner No Lezalit Jeremus, Klethi Hunger, Failing Quests, Heavy Casualties, Katrin as emissary 300 Engineer, Trade, Tactics Male Mercantile
Baheshtur Yes Rolf Katrin, Marnid Hunger, Not Being Paid, Retreating, Heavy Casualties, Ymira as emissary 400 Power Draw, Weapon Master, Horse Archery Male Cunning
Borcha No Marnid Deshavi, Klethi Heavy Losses, Alayen as emissary 300 Tracking, Pathfinding, Spotting Male


Bunduk No Katrin Lezalit, Rolf Robbing Villages, Heavy Casualties, Nizar as emissary 200 Iron Flesh, Weapon Master, Power Strike Male Benevolent
Deshavi No Klethi Borcha, Rolf Hunger, Heavy Casualties, Bunduk as emissary Free Pathfinding, Spotting, Tracking Female Mercantile
Firentis Yes Jeremus Nizar, Katrin Robbing Villages, Failing Quests, Rolf as emissary Free Athletics Male Upstanding
Jeremus No Firentis Artimenner, Matheld Robbing Villages, Returning Serfs, Klethi as emissary Free Wound Treatment, Trade, First Aid, Surgery Male Benevolent
Katrin No Bunduk Firentis, Baheshtur Hunger, Not Being Paid, Lezalit as emissary 100 Iron Flesh, Trade Female Mercantile
Klethi No Deshavi Borcha, Artimenner Marnid as emissary 200 Power Throw, Path Finding, Spotting Female Roguish
Lezalit Yes Artimenner Ymira, Bunduk Retreating, Borcha as emissary 400 Power Strike, Weapon Master, Trainer Male Pitiless
Marnid No Borcha Alayen, Baheshtur Robbing Villages or Caravans, Failing Quests, Returning Serfs, Matheld as emissary Free Trade Male Mercantile
Matheld Yes Nizar Ymira, Jeremus Retreating, Firentis as emissary 500 Weapon Master, Athletics Female Martial
Nizar No Matheld Firentis, Alayen Retreating, Jeremus as emissary 300 Iron Flesh, Power Strike, Weapon Master, Athletics Male Roguish
Rolf Yes Baheshtur Deshavi, Bunduk Retreating, Artimenner as emissary 300 Athletics, Tactics Male Cunning
Ymira No Alayen Matheld, Lezalit Robbing Villages, Leaving troops to cover, Retreating, Returning Serfs, Deshavi as emissary Free Riding, First Aid, Trade Female Benevolent
Nissa No - - - Quest Power Draw Female Roguish

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