Building Your Finances

Silverstag is intended to have a little bit tougher start to building cash than you might find in many mods. A prime reason for this goes with the saying "money equals power" and in this mod that is even more the case since you can directly hire powerful units. That doesn't mean that you can't build a fairly stable income basis that will support your expansion comfortably. Below are a few places to look for doing this.

Early Game

This applies to the beginning period where you're likely freely roaming about the map doing quests or looking to enter into a mercenary contract with a faction. In this stage there isn't much you can gain in the form of reliable income, but there are a number of event-based types of income you can support yourself with.

  • Tournaments - betting on yourself, selling your prizes.
  • Trading - Thifty & Wholesaler abilities are very useful for this.
  • Bandit (Looter) hunting.
  • Become a mercenary - Contracts pay far more in Silverstag than they do in the native game.
  • Guildmaster quests - Delivering cargo and escorting caravans pay much better than they do in native.

Middle Game

This applies to the period of the game where you've been a mercenary for a while or have recently become a vassal. At this point you're looking to establish a reliable source of income instead of focusing on specific event-based income.

  • Fiefs - You're just beginning to get them at this stage
  • Tournaments remain useful as you'll likely win your bets more often and prizes help offset the cost of equipping companions.
  • Bandit hunting (all types) should become more profitable.
  • Trading in larger scale. By now you should be free to roam the map and have an idea of what is profitable.
  • Enterprises - Your network of these should be beginning.
  • Quartermaster selling - Fights should be getting a little more common and above the bandit stage so battlefield loot should start becoming a viable source of income.

Late Game

By now you should be either an established vassal of some standing or beginning your own kingdom and be supplying a majority of your income through reliable sources. At this point you'll be looking to expand your income base to support expansion and serious campaigning.

  • Fiefs - With as many improvements as you can get them to improve their financial output.
  • Enterprises - As many as you can afford.
  • Artisan Crafter repairing - Once you have a castle / town and build a Royal Forge improvement start feeding battlefield loot to this guy to repair and sell for a higher price. He eventually can repair things into even higher qualities.
  • Tournaments - Less useful at this point, but still a quick source of free funding.
  • Quartermaster selling - Battlefield loot picked up by the quartermaster should be a fairly regular source of income if you're not repairing it as at this stage battles are very frequent.
  • Gaoler selling - By this point you shou

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