Book Reading Basics

In Native, books can be read by the player to improve Attribute or Skill points permanently or held in the player's inventory to improve them temporarily. In Silverstag, companions may be given books using the Companion Management System to access their inventory. Once a book is in a companion's inventory, you can direct them to read it as long as they meet the basic prerequisites.

Since the bonus granted from a readable book is immediate and permanent, this meant choosing the right time to read the book to get the most optimal use of that bonus. As a result, Native characters would wait to use a book for their last skill point, so it could be above the limit imposed by the Attribute that the skill is under. In Silverstag, this has been changed so that once you read a book the benefit is always applied as a bonus instead of a permanent increase. This means that if you gain the +1 trade bonus from reading A Treatise on the Value of Things while you only have 11 charisma and are limited to a trade skill of 3 you gain a trade skill of (3+1). Once you increase Charisma to 12, you can raise your base trade skill to 4; you are now able to increase it and still have the book bonus (essentially 4+1).

Books do not exceed the ten point limit for skills. While you can apply the bonus early, readable or reference books will provide the tenth point in a skill. Silverstag has books for every party skill as well as books for Intelligence and Charisma. It is possible to have ten-point skills, such as Leadership, Wound Treatment, and Path-finding, with a 26  INT or CHA investment because you can read books to get the extra Attribute or skill point.

Normally you gain a flat 7% progress towards reading a book every hour that you are resting on the world map. In Silverstag, this is altered by the character's intelligence, granting 1% reading speed per 2 intelligence. This means that at an intelligence of 14 you have the same flat reading speed as you would in native, but at 30 intelligence you're over twice as fast at reading books. Certain abilities such as Quick Study can further boost the reading speed of companions.


There are three basic types of books:

Readable Books

Readable books grant the player or any companion a permanent bonus to an Attribute or Skill once it has been read from cover to cover; this takes some time. Reading can only be initiated by a character who has a not-yet-read book in her/her inventory and who has a sufficiently high Intelligence. The player begins reading a book while in camp and can give his or her companions books accessing their inventory via the companion management system. Companion Advisors can be given books to read via dialog options and will make continual progress, but they progress slower than a companion within your party.

Readable Attribute Books
Book Effect Requirements Price
Book e Essays on logic +1 Intelligence 10 Int 3000
Book d The Needs of Man +1 Charisma 12 Int 3000
Readable Skill Books
Book Effect Requirements Price
Book f A treatise on the value of things +1 Trade 11 Int 4000
Book b Rhetorica ad Herennium +1 Persuasion 8 Int 4000
Book open Method of mechanical theorems +1 Engineer 12 Int 4000
Book a De Re Militari +1 Tactics 9 Int 4000
Book d On the art of fighting with swords +1 Weapon Master 9 Int 4000
Book d The life of Alixenus the Great +1 Leadership 7 Int 4200
Book open Hunter's Journal on the Local Wildlife +1 Tracking 10 Int 4000
Book f A Philospher's Approach +1 Training 12 Int 4000
Book b The Place of Herbs in Medicine +1 First-Aid 14 Int 4000
Book a A Sailor's Guide to Ropework +1 Prisoner Management 12 Int 4000

Reference Books

Reference books give the character holding them a Skill bonus. Unlike readable books, a reference book gives a bonus the moment you purchase it but can (obviously) only benefit the character holding it in his/her inventory.

Reference Books
Book Effect Price
Book c The great book of surgery +1 Surgery 2500
Book open Manual of arms +1 Trainer 2500
Book c The book of healing +1 Wound treatment 2500
Book c Cartographer's Guide to Calradia +1 Path-finding 2500

Specialty Books

Specialty books are an entirely new category of book added into the game with Silverstag. Some are treated as reference books, such as the Trade Ledger that allows access to the trade ledger report while in your inventory. Some are readable books, such as the Journal of Andrin that allows a permanent reduction in repair costs for improvements once read.

Specialty Books
Book Effect Price
Book c Trade Ledger Grants access to the trade ledger report. 2500
Book d Journal of Andrin the Smith Reduces improvement repair costs by 30%.

Requires 16 Intelligence

Book e On Levies: Strategems for Taxation and Revenue Reduces tax inefficiency by 1% per 5% (max -5%).

Requires 15 Intelligence

Book f Idylls at Court Improves your relation gain with ladies by 1 whenever applicable. 2500
Book f The Courtier of Veluca This improves your Right to Rule +3 on completion and the amount you gain upon each declaration of peace by 1.

Requires 15 Intelligence

Book b Barnolo's Expanded Works on Land Stewardship The ideal prosperity of every village you own is permanently improved by 3 through greater management.

Requires 12 Intelligence

Book f Needlework by Arya Sets your minimum proficiency with one handed swords to 75.

Requires 10 Intelligence

Book c Crossbow Design and Tactics Sets your minimum proficiency with crossbows to 75.

Requires 10 Intelligence

Book d Tactics of the Open Field Reduces of the escape chance of your defeated enemies by 10%.

Requires 12 Intelligence


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