Useful Contacts


Party Role

Effect 1

When assigned as Gaoler, this troop…
  • Can always find someone to purchase prisoners in a town regardless of if a ransom broker is present or not.
  • Will increase the sale price of prisoners by 4% per point of either Persuasion or Trade.  Both skills stack together.

Effect 2

When assigned as Quartermaster, this troop…
  • Can always find someone to sell items to regardless of how much money merchants have.

Effect 3

When assigned as Storekeeper, this troop…
  • Purchases food at a reduced cost of 4% per point of Trade.

Effect 4

When sneaking into a hostile location each companion in your party that has this ability will reduce the chance of getting caught by 15%.


  • This ability is unlocked by Borcha upon reaching level 20.
  • This ability is unlocked by Nizar upon reaching level 20.

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