Poisoned Weapons



Effect 1

Any enemy hit with a poisoned weapon immediately has their effective health used for determining the effects of Combat Hampering reduced by 50%. This means their attacks will be greatly weakened and they'll move slower in combat. This effect is rendered only half as effective by the Fortitude ability.

Effect 2

A poisoned enemy loses 1 health every 4 seconds (1 tick). This effect lasts for a duration of 80 seconds (20 ticks).


A player using this ability will lose 1 honor every battle they fight in to a minimum value of -15 honor total. This includes using troops that poison their weapons under your command.

Special Notes

  • If the mod option for Combat Hampering is disabled then the benefits of Effect #1 will not be seen, but the damage dealt by Effect #2 will remain.
  • This ability has been primarily added for the benefit of bandit leader characters to help them maintain a dishonorable reputation and improve the unique flavor of bandit troops.
  • This ability does not function when fighting in the tournament, arena or while fighting peasants.
  • Klethi's use of this ability after unlocking it at level 12, is the lone exception to causing harm to the player's honor.  Her past as an assassin has made her adept being discreet about it.

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